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In many ways, a company is really just a collection of people. Here are some of the faces behind the Abax mask.


Hugh Graham-Marr

Hugh Graham-Marr has been teaching English for over 20 years and continues to teach in addition to his work with Abax, where he is a co-owner and co-founder. He has written books for Berlitz, URBest Publishing and Abax, holds a Masters in T.E.S.P. and is a former TOEIC test items writer. Books he has edited include Teaching in Pursuit of Wow!, The Coursebook and Beyond, and the award-winning, Fiction in Action: Whodunit.


Alastair Graham-Marr

Alastair Graham-Marr has been teaching English for over 20 years. In addition to his work with Abax, he is an Associate Professor at the Tokyo University of Science. Amongst other things, Alastair wrote Abax's Communication Spotlight. More recent books by him are Step Into English and Communication Spotlight: Business.


Azusa Sato-Homer

Azusa Sato-Homer was Abax's first hire and joined the company soon after graduation. Since then she has worked at Macmilan Publishing and earned a CELTA and a Masters degreee in TESOL. Now in addition to teaching at university, Azusa does production and office work for Abax. 


Tanja McCandie Kondo


Junko Saito

Junko Saito is Abax's office manager and has been with the company from the very beginning. She is also involved in production work. In the past, Junko has both taught English to children and taught Japanese to foreigners in Japan.




Tim Murphey

Tim Murphey, author of Teaching in Pursuit of Wow! Two Decades of Musings on Maximizing Learning Potential, did his BA in French and German in Fribourg, Switzerland. His MA (University of Florida) and his PhD (Neuchatel) were both in Applied Linguistics. Tim is a very experientially oriented teacher and travels widely giving presentations for governmental and private institutions. He is the series editor of TESOL's four volume Professional Development in Language Education series and is co-author with Zoltan Dornyei of Group Dynamics in the Language Classroom (Cambridge University Press, 2003). His novel on the Japanese entrance exam system, The Tale that Wags (Perceptia Press), came out in 2010 in English and in 2011 in Japanese.


Adam Gray

Adam Gray is author of Fiction in Action: Spellbound and co-author of the award-winning Fiction in Action: Whodunit. He is also the author of the forthcoming Whodunit Ellie Koo Mystery series, the first title of which will be The Body in the Elevator. Adam is currently vice-principal of an elementary school in Lewisville, Texas. He has taught all levels of students, from kindergarten to university—in Japan, Chile, and the United States. He holds a Bachelor's degree in English from Ohio State University and a Masters degree in TESOL from American University in Washington, D.C.


Eliana Koo

Detective Eliana Koo of the Washington Police Department, or Ellie for short, is the lead character in both stories in Fiction in Action: Whodunit. She is also the focus of the forthcoming Whodunit Ellie Koo Mystery series. Ellie, who hails from Peru, is a naturalized American. She is a single mom who pays scrupulous attention to detail and hates being lied to.


Marcos Benevides

Marcos Benevides, co-author of the award-winning Fiction in Action: Whodunit, teaches English at J.F. Oberlin University in Tokyo. He holds a Masters in Education from the University of Calgary and an Honours B.A. with a double major in literature and creative writing from Concordia University in Montreal. He is the series editor and lead writer for Choose Your Own Adventure graded readers (McGraw-Hill Education), and co-author of Widgets: A task-based course in practical English (Pearson Longman). Marcos currently lives near Tokyo with his wife, Yoko, and his young children, Kei and Maya.


Chris Cleary

Chris Cleary (RSA Diploma, MA in Linguistics) brings more than thirty year's EFL experience (he's taught in the UK, Portugal, Switzerland, Singapore and Japan and been an RSA Diploma instructor and examiner) to his work as an editorial consultant for Abax. As well as being editor of the best-selling Communication Spotlight series, he is is author of Listening Skills for the Center Exam and a co-author of Top-Up Listening. Formerly Director of the International Language Centre in Tokyo, since 2000 Chris has worked as an investment advisor at Banner Japan. Chris lives in Saitama with his wife and just-about grown-up children. His other interests include wine, long-distance running and poetry.

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