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The following products are scheduled to be published over the next year:


The Body in the Elevator: A Whodunit Ellie Koo Mystery—the first book in the Whodunit Ellie Koo series of extensive readers

Reading Spotlight—a 4-level reading series thematically linked to the Communication Spotlight series

• The Extensive Reading Workbook—a workbook for students in extensive reading classes


In addition to these, we have other products in the pipeline, many of which focus on Academic English and sheltered content. If you are interested in either of these areas, please get in touch for more details about testing and piloting these materials.


And for a look at some products whose arrival is much, much more imminent, please look below.


SUBMISSIONS POLICY: We are always happy to hear from teachers with book proposals and see ourselves as publishers of materials that grow out of the classroom experience. For a submission, what we like to see is:


     a. a one page rationale for the book (Why is it needed? / What are some somewhat similar products? /

         How does the proposed product differ from these other materials? / Why would teachers opt for the proposed product?) 

     b. one or two sample units (no more)

     c. a table of contents


Please realize that the number of books we publish each year is very limited and a great many worthy proposals we are not able to act on. But with that caveat, please, send 'em on in!  Use our contact page or the contact information at the bottom of the About Us page.

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