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Academic Listening & Speaking 3

by Alastair Graham-Marr

A bridge into the world of study through English

Listening skills, note-taking skills, summarizing skills, a focus on critical thinking


Level CEFR Level High B1 / TOEIC® 650-800
ISBN 978-1-896942-96-4
Item(s) Text/Audio CD
Price ¥2,805 (¥2,550)
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How Academic Listening and Speaking helps:

- introduces students to topics from the sciences, social sciences and the arts, readying them for study in an English academic setting

- shows students how to approach these topics critically by identifying support, seeing where doubt is cast, and assessing what is presented 

- develops student note-taking skills systematically 

- focuses on summarizing 

- teaches students naturally reduced, English week forms

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