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Talking Point 1

by Justin Harris / Paul Leeming

A Task-Based Approach to Presentations

Level CEFR Low A2
ISBN 978-1-78547-063-9
Item(s) Text
Price ¥2,915 (¥2,650)

Talking Point 1 is the first in a two-book series that takes a task-based approach to presentations. The central focus of each unit is an academic talk introducing interesting and factual content to students. These talks are presented by a variety of English speakers from around the world, in line with English as a Lingua Franca principles. There is then an opportunity for students to engage in a speaking task on the same topic, before they give a final presentation. However, following a task-based approach, overt language focus is only provided after the main tasks are completed, and if necessary for students.
Sheltered Academic Talks: Each unit begins with a short talk on an academic topic, with language controlled for the level of the students. These talks are given by English speakers from all over the world, and are designed to provide a realistic and attainable model for students.
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