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Global Issues Narratives: Identity

by Matthew Cotter

Three stories in one book, so each book is at least double the length of standard graded readers. (around 11,000 words in total)

Level Level 2: 900 headwords
ISBN 978-1-78547-051-6
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Price ¥935 (¥850)

"Extended" Extensive Readers for young adults:
Level 1: 600 headwords (around 9,000 words in total)
Level 2: 900 headwords (around 11,000 words in total)
Level 3: 1200 headwords (around 12,000 words in total)
Global Issues Narratives are stories about people. Each book focuses on a global problem. There are three stories in one book. The stories are braided together. Braided means to tie together three or more things. That is, the stories connect the lives of three different people in three different places. They are told through the eyes of the people and how they are affected by the problem in their everyday lives.
Global Issues Narratives: Identity focuses on Ethnic Identity and is set in New Zealand. The Maori are the Indigenous People of New Zealand. They lived on the islands before Europeans arrived. These stories are about young Maori people growing up and finding their identities in New Zealand. Can these young people find their identity? Read the stories, Lost, Roots and Pride to find out.

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