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Reading Fluency 3

by Julian Thomlinson

A Side Reader of Timed Reading

A supplementary text of timed readings to help develop your students reading fluency

Level CEFR B1 / NGSL Level 3 / 1700 Headwords
ISBN 9787-1-78547-048-6
Item(s) Student book
Price ¥935 (¥850)

Reading Fluency is a timed-reading supplementtary side-reader, dsigned to build up your students' reading comprehention and speed. The reading passages have been carefully written with limited vocabulary to help students develop their reading fluency. 

There are 22 reading passages. Each passage...

  • is around 400 words long
  • is written with the most common words in English according to the NGSL (New General Service List)
  • is written with simplified grammar
  • has 5 true-false style comprehension questions

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