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Speaking of Speech Level 2

by Charles LeBeau

Watch — Speak — Listen — Prepare — Perform

A learner centered approach to giving presentations

Level CEFR High A1-Low A2 / TOEIC®325-450
ISBN 978-1-78547-096-7
Item(s) Student book
Price ¥3,080 (¥2,800)

Speaking of Speech 2 adds new skills to the Speaking of Speech skill set. The Presentation Skills sections throughout the book provide tips on how to handle questions, how to prepare for the question and answer session, and how to win interest, understanding, agreement, and action from listeners. Audience Analysis sections help presenters think more systematically about their audience and then more carefully target their presentations to that audience. Finally, each Performance unit contains advice on peer feedback.

Level 2 provides more opportunities for learner-to-learner interaction. Audience analysis interviews, Slide discussions, Video reaction activities, and Peer feedback, all provide opportunities for students to learn from each other.

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