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Helbling Readers: Red Set 2013

  • Extensive reading for young adults. 37 books.
  • Three levels of readers, both original and classic, with full-color illustrations

Level Levels 1/2/3 (400/600/1000 head words)
ISBN 978-4-900819-65-8
Item(s) Reader/Audio CD
Price ¥47,174 (¥43,680)

a great new series of beautifully illustrated graded stories specially devised for young adults

37 readers for CEF A1 through A2 level students. Helbling Short Reads, Graphic Stories, Classics and original Fiction. Helbling readers are carefully graded using strict structural, lexical and content criteria. The stories are chosen or written to connect with the interests of young adults. The books can be used for individual or class reading and contain a wide variety of before and after reading activities as well as fact files and background information. There are also pointers for group and project work.

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