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センター試験のためのリスニング・スキル Double audio CDs

by Chris Cleary

  • Crucial Lessons for the National Center Test for University Admissions (Center Shiken)
  • Strategies, tips, practical instruction. Plenty of practice for the Center Shiken.

Level High School
ISBN 978-4-900819-64-1
Item(s) Double Audio CD for the classroom
Price ¥4,180 (¥3,800)

Sample Tracks

For high-school students looking to university


a double audio CD accompanying the ã»ã³ã¿ã¼è©¦é¨ã®ããã®ãªã¹ãã³ã°•ã¹ã­ã« coursebook

Giving students practice in the most commonly encountered types of questions: about general orientation, details, inference and prediction. Plus a section that explicitly teaches students about natural English: stress, weak forms and liaison.

The tracks in the CDs are based on an extensive analysis of the types of questions offered in past exams.

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