The Coursebook and Beyond rightly recognises that most teachers use the coursebook as a valuable starting point for planning lessons and gives busy teachers a full grounding in how to exploit their coursebooks in (a wide range of) innovative and practical ways. The authors draw on their long experience of teaching English in a variety of contexts overseas to provide detailed guidance for adapting, supplementing and extending coursebook activities. We particularly liked the way they have drawn on contributions from practising teachers to bring these examples to life and show how teaching and learning English beyond the coursebook can be engaging and satisfying—Jane and Dave Willis

This book is valuable for new teachers and also teacher trainers because it not only looks at how to best utilize a coursebook but also how to move beyond the coursebook. As we all know, coursebooks are useful up to a point, but what happens when we need more? The Coursebook and Beyond provides all this information in a very engaging and readable manner and I fully recommend it.—Thomas S.C. Farrell, Brock University