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Business Listening & Speaking

By Maurice Jamall and Bruce Wade

  • For internationally-minded business people
  • A wealth of listening types and tasks. A wealth of speaking opportunities

packed with useful language practice… extremely clear and easy for teachers and students to find their way around—English Teaching Professional magazine


A dedicated skills book that concentrates on the skills of listening and speaking within a communicative framework.

The text focuses on broad themes—the impact of new technology on a business, entering a new market, the logistics of an industry—that are relevant to a wide range of industries.

Key Features

  • A wide variety of themes of intrinsic interest to business people, such as Business Ethics, Company Structure, New Markets and more
  • Extended listening passages as well as shorter passages
  • Listening for gist, for understanding and for specific information
  • A variety of standard English accents that international business persons will encounter
  • Listening Clinics: exercises that help learners understand English as it is naturally spoken
  • Speaking tasks: designed to extend the listening practices and cement understanding of the language and concepts introduced, and to then encourage the learners to bring their own experiences into the classroom

With Business Listening & Speaking students will get practice in talking about situations related to their own work—the situations they most need to talk about.

ISBN : 978-1-896942-09-4 Price: ¥2695 (¥2450)
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TOEIC® 700+ 978-1-896942-09-4 Text ¥2695 (¥2450)
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